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Sufi for the soul.

I smile.

I am Happy.

My head is effortlessly held high. My neck is easy on my shoulders. The physical pain in relieved and my spirit is light.

This is Sufi Spiritual Healing with Hijamah (wet cupping.) An ancient spiritual medicine that the Prophet Muhammad practiced. By connecting to the Devine with Qur'anic prayers of healing. It reached deep to the roots of disease that causes us pain, illness and emotional disturbance.

I am an LMT by nature and occupation. I hold space for others to find release during their healing journies. I love what I can provide for others and what I help to carry for them too. As an intuitive practictioner, my heart carries a lot. Not alwasy by free will. If you inderstand the mechanisms of energy, you know it's potential to latch deeply without invitation. Also, as a student and NYC life creates another level of challenges. All things I love. All things that require the art of balance and then... re-balance.

So today I visit with Jennifer Sawyer LAc. of Heavenly Well. A Sufi healer, Acupuncturist, Herbologist and a whole hearted presence. This is my first experience whit this kind of therapy.

Her spirit makes me feel well cared for and I find it easy to disclose my current concerns. I'm feeling excited and open for this new experience. We talk, she listens intently and explains the treatment. Jennifer walks me through the step by step session before we begin; but the part I love, the part that no one can explain to you is the unknown of the kind of transformation I am about to receive and then emerge from.

I lay on my belly and she palces a dry cup to the areas she will treat for me. I notice my breath is shallow and rapid. Even with focus it is difficult to deepen my inhale to my low abdomen. She swabs iodine, pricks the skin 3 times, places the suction cup and I sense a warming sensation. The funk and "gunk" is being pulled out through my blood. She softly begins to recite prayers of healing and now I can feel her energetic spirit body projecting a soft glow.

Now I can see my spirit body. My breath naturally deepens and I make an additional effort to draw the air to my low belly. My ribs expand laterally like the splitting of waves.

I am aware of the moderate pressure of the cups and without conscious thought or scrunching my 'ugly face' to cry, tears are emerging.

I don't feel sad or any other particular feeling for crying. Its simply a release, freely produced and drained from my eyes, and it feels Good!

The single cup on my calf is active with internal movement. I feel the waves, pulses, it's breath and quality. They're all enjoyable to watch.

I feel more in my body and less in my thought cycle as I've been suffering from. The physical pain is also now gone. I recognize the pain is a manifestation of emotional distress. The internal shows up in very real, very debilitating conditions that Eastern medicines consider in the diagnosing process.

The cups are released. My blood is wiped clean and the heaviness of the "gunk" is gone.

I breathe deeply. I smile. I am Happy.

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