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Epu Touch:
Integral Body Wellness


Medical intuitive and New York State Licensed Massage Therapist Lexi Aguilar is based in New York City. Serving Staten Island and Manhattan. Her commitment to integral body wellness was born from her study of dance, creative movement and outdoor sports. Having an early understanding of holistic and energetic practices as a Chilean-American, she went on to earn her degree in Massage Therapy at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she continues as a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Rooted in eastern philosophies, Lexi embodies mind, body and presence in her therapeutic treatments.



At your Service

Epu Touch was founded on the principals of ancient traditions of natural healing through touch. Promoting free and uninterrupted energy flow of the body as well as to restore physical and emotional well-being.  Epu, meaning two, from the indigenous language of the Mapuche from Chile, is used to describe the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient. Where active roles of healing are supported in reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation and promotes soft-tissue rehabilitation.


Conveniently located in St. George, Staten Island and Union Sq. East.  Treatment plans are based on your individual needs and constitution. Including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Recovery, Cupping, Thai, Reflexology, Facial massage, Aromatherapy and MaMassage Pre-natal massage.
60 min 135.-
75 min 165.- 
90 min 195.-

Epu Touch is proud to serve Staten Island residents at a discounted rate. Book your next visit, or enjoy your personalized massage in the comfort of your own home. (Additional cost may apply.)

60 min 125.-

75 min 155.-

90 min 185.-


"What we think, we become"

- Buddha



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